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    How to get out of saying the “L” word by Victory Brinker


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  4. Period day 1

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    that gifset with Affeck talking about islamphobia and race, ahh all the praise when a white man says the shit we’ve been saying for decades.

    Affleck had no problem playing a moc in Argo though but good to see he’s so tune with race and racism yet he can actively participate and further whitewashing in Hollywood.


    Well, shit.

    Thank you!

    We all know his PR rep wrote that for him.


  7. Black Women Appreciation Is Everyday, Every Week








    Spin this !

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    So Emma Watson just goes and says a bunch of feminist cliches that we’ve been saying for decades and all the sudden y’all gassing her up as the face of feminism? Oh. 

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    Uahh here’s the full image from this post that I forgot to upload aha;;

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    Misty Upham’s Friend Juliette Lewis Demands Inquiry: ‘This Is Not a Suicide’

    When they were colleagues on the set of August: Osage County, actresses Misty Upham and Juliette Lewis became fast friends. Now, one of them is dead under mysterious circumstances, and the other is demanding answers.

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  12. I started my period right after work. My days off will start by refreshing my ovaries

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    Im pretty sure I walk past a lot more cops than that


    Welpity Welp Welpington

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